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Thank you for the wisdom tooth extraction of last Thursday. Everything went very well indeed, with no pain and no problems.

Stefania Abbondanza

An experienced hygienist to care for your teeth and gums

At Chiswick Park Dental Practice we’ll always stress the importance of maintaining a proper tooth care regime – but however well you care for your teeth and gums, some expert additional help is needed to keep them in top condition.

A regular visit to the hygienist plays a vital role in the preventative care we provide for all our patients.

During your visit our hygienist will clean your teeth professionally, removing any plaque (a layer of bacteria which causes gum disease) and tarter. You will also have your teeth polished, helping them to look and feel fresh and clean.

You will be advised on the best way to brush your teeth and to clean between them and under the gum-line. The hygienist may speak to you about your diet or smoking, and the way they can affect your oral health – but don’t worry, you’ll never be ‘lectured’ or made to feel you’re being criticised!

Finally, if you have any questions about caring for your teeth and gums, our hygienist will be pleased to help you with them.

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