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Dr Mistry has guided me through the challenges of orthodontics, extraction and root canal treatment with understanding, care, immense skill, professionalism and considerable patience.

Julie Taylor

Root canal therapy

Removing infection to preserve a tooth

Also known as endodontics, this treatment is required when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (known as the pulp) is infected through decay or injury. Treating such a small area demands considerable skill if the best possible results are to be achieved. Chiswick Park Dental Practice has an excellent record in using this treatment to save natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges.

The aim of root canal therapy is to preserve the tooth by removing all traces of infection and then filling it to prevent further episodes. More than one appointment may be needed if the infected tooth needs to settle down before treatment can be completed.

Many patients come to us with negative past experiences of root canal therapy, but let us reassure you that when properly conducted, the procedure is absolutely painless. Our dentists are dedicated to delivering pain-free treatment and will always take the time to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

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