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I have been going to Dr Mistry now for what must be about 20 years. I also benefit from regular visits to the oral hygenist.

Elizabeth Philipps

General Dentistry

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At Chiswick Park Dental Practice we recognise that a ‘simple’ dental check-up is in its way every bit as important as a major dental implant treatment. Our approach is to offer our patients all the services they would expect from a dentist, with a view to developing a successful long-term relationship to protect your dental health in every way we can. This involves providing excellent customer care as well as exceptional dental expertise – we aim to put even the most anxious patient at ease through our dedication to friendly, personal attention and gentle dentistry.

Our dentists place an emphasis on restoring your teeth so that they're fully functional. We would like our patients to keep their natural teeth throughout their life – and we’ll do all we can to help them so just that!

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