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Dr Mistry has always been wonderfully patient with the children when they were young and we have always found her to be an excellent, kind and gentle dentist.

Elizabeth Kay of Chiswick.

Teeth reshaping

A simple and safe way to achieve instant results

Crooked, chipped or cracked teeth don’t always need radical cosmetic treatment to achieve the right results. At Chiswick Park Dental Practice we will never recommend a complex course of treatment if we’re convinced that a little minor intervention will achieve the results you’re seeking.

Dental reshaping – or contouring – involves delicate resculpting of teeth by the cosmetic dentist, carefully eliminating or minimising imperfections by safely removing miniscule layers of enamel with a drill. Often you won’t even need a local anaesthetic – and we’ll always take x-rays before commencing to make sure the enamel is thick enough for the procedure to commence. Treatment ends with polishing.

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