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Christmas gifts for patients at Chiswick Park Dental Practice

Posted by Default Admin on 3 December 2014 | 0 Comments


Christmas is nearly here and with the supermarkets full of sugary treats it might be tempting to overindulge forgetting about our health and teeth.

As well as limiting your sugar intake, why not try introducing some good oral hygiene habits during the holidays?

Here are some tooth friendly gift ideas that your friends and family can enjoy:

Dental floss

Dental floss makes a great stocking filler because not only is it light and inexpensive, it can provide you with the perfect opportunity to get creative and introduce good oral hygiene this Christmas. You can now buy mint flavoured dental floss from many chemists such as Boots or why not go for bacon or cupcake flavoured floss.

Electric toothbrush

The Phillips SonicareDiamondClean toothbrush cleans more plaque than a regular electric toothbrush which makes it a great gift for someone who likes their teeth to have an ultimate clean feeling. The DiamondClean has a slim, ergonomic handle with a ceramic finish, innovative dual charging options and five cleaning modes, including Gum Care, Polish, and White. 

There’s even a version that the kids can enjoy so they can also feel the benefits of healthy brushing habits.  The Sonicare for kids helps parents teach their children to brush and delivers superior results through every brushing phase. 

Teeth whitening

This is an ideal gift for someone who has expressed interest in the procedure or a loved one who isn’t feeling very confident about their appearance. Chiswick Park Dental is currently offering teeth whitening to members for £275. You can enjoy teeth whitening in the comfort of your home, with our custom made home teeth whitening trays. Click here to find out more.


According to research nuts are rich in magnesium, calcium, and phosphate which are all important nutrients when it comes to looking after your dental health. 
As well as sugary treats there are lots of Christmas nut choices available such as Pistachios, Chestnuts and Monkey Nuts. These all make fantastic stocking filler treats as they are small, light and good for your diet as well as helping you protect your beautiful smile, teeth and gums.

Don’t forget, when you are enjoying those delicious meals and sugary treats to make sure to brush and floss afterwards. Most importantly enjoy yourself and have a great Christmas.

Why not head into the New Year with a sparkling smile by taking advantage of our custom made Home Whitening System for just £275.  To find out more about this or for a free orthodontic or facial aesthetic appointment call us on 020 8987 9977.

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